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Roy Rogers & Trigger, "Don't Fence Me In" 

Independent Texans PAC was founded in 2001 following the demise of Ross Perot's Reform Party (1996-2000). Since then, we've learned lots about just who Texas independents really are. Do you remember the song, "Don't Fence Me In"? Well then, don't! 

Do the Texas independent two-step!

​1. Take the Texas Independent voter Survey at the League of Independent Voters of Texas.

2. Check out Linda Curtis' campaign website for the 2022 election, now over. She lost like most independents still do. But there is success in failure for the next rounds. That's because 35 to 50% of voters call themselves "independent," indicating their increased willingness to shop the ballot. 

What's an Independent in Texas? Check out these two videos released by Linda Curtis, when she ran for the Texas House as an independent in November 2022. Let's experiment more for a breakthrough in 2024. 


Want to join the fun minus the


tricky games in Texas politics? 

Contact us!



Independent Texans® PAC, the poorest little pac in Texas, not a political whorehouse!

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