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Trying to register as an independent voter in Texas?

You can't. But here's why and what you CAN do!


Texas voter registration is non-partisan; we do not register with a party. Due to our open primaries, Texans can choose a Democratic or Republican ballot and be identified with that party until the next primary, two years later. Or voters can identify with a minor party (Libertarian or Green) at their conventions.


New parties may also coming on the scene, like the new Forward Party. They, and all others, will have to petition to gain ballot access in Texas. Learn more here at the League of Independent Voters of Texas about onerous ballot access hurdles in Texas. 


Here's how we suggest you can best identify as a Texas Independent. Join LIV, the nonprofit, non-0partisan voter association in Texas for voters who call themselves independent or do not align with any party. We're shoppers!

LIV and Independent Texans PAC are working to build a particular brand (no label) for Texas independent voters. It's about cross-partisan organizing to protect the public purse and natural resources. And most importantly, it's about enhancing electoral competition by ending one-party rule by Republicans in state offices (we are not a federal PAC, therefore we do not engage in federal election activity) and Democrats in Texas' large municipalities.


Click here to take the LIV Solutions Survey and you'll see what we mean about some of the "bread and butter" issues we've been tracking in Texas. We have found them to be a "sweet spot" for bringing voters together without the ideological straight-jacking the parties do.


We'd like to do more, so get involved. 

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