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Why Rick Perry Really is Running From Kathie Glass

"That is not leadership – to run away like a scared little boy from someone who just wants to engage you in debate," Kathie Glass, Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate, as Perry ran from her at the Texas Conservative Coalition 10th Amendment Town Hall meeting in Humble. (From the Houston Chronicle blog.)

Linda Curtis, Director of Independent Texans, the only voter association in Texas seeking recognition for independent, non-aligned voters said, “It is clear to us why Perry won’t debate. It’s not really Bill White he’s afraid of, it’s Kathie Glass, who might ‘Debra Medina’ him and hurt him in November. Independent minded-Republicans are growing in this state, as evidenced by the huge chunk of votes Medina received in the Republican primary. For example, Medina took 30% of the vote in Bastrop County, beating Hutchison. This is the real reason Perry refuses to debate. Glass, who picked up on Medina’s platform, could really hurt him and he knows it.”

Independent Texans has not endorsed in the race because their membership is split between Glass and Bill White. The organization requires a 60% membership support for candidates they endorse.

Independent Texans is endorsing in a critical down ballot race for the Texas House, District 17, just east of Austin, where a water war has broken out. Incumbent Republican Tim Kleinschmidt has refused to fight a controversial plan to build a 52-mile pipeline to take Bastrop and Lee counties’ groundwater to San Antonio, potentially leaving them high and dry. Independent Texans endorsed independent-minded Democrat and local rancher, Pati Jacobs in that race.

Curtis said, “If we help Pati win District 17, in a Republican year, that will say something about the viability of independent politics for local races next year and state races in 2012 – across Texas.”

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