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Welcome Pat Jones

The intent of the indy texans blog is to be a ‘communal’ blog of sorts. Different voices with probably some different opinions yet sharing enough commonality that  brings those voices together. Hence, ‘we’ are independents, democrats, republicans and even the odd libertarian! I would like to welcome Pat Jones to our burgeoning lil’ blog community as a new contributor. Pat, being a born and raised Texan will have great insights to share, politically and historically as she’s graced this earth for a few years longer than I have. (Not to mention that I’ve only lived in Texas since three years and in the US for almost 10) The best thing about Pat is that she’s outspoken, and independent at heart. One of the great qualities that makes for a great independent in my , not so humble, opinion. That, aside from the issues that all independents hold near and dear; IR&R, campaign and electoral reform to name a few. Only when we are willing to critique our ‘own’ in the spirit of improving situations, policies etc, will we achieve those goals. Many brains are better than one or even just a few.

So Pat, welcome to the blog. Share with us some of the things you mentioned over the phone to me, I could have listened to you for a few hours if I would  have had the time!




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