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To see your smiling face like Will Rogers

Will Rogers

The inimitable Will Rogers

There is no more independence in politics than there is in jail. Will Rogers

Though Will Rogers got that right, we — the voters — are learning some new tricks to get some independence on our own. We vote for the person, not the party and we have some well-thought out concerns.

Did you read John Cyrier’s Independent Texans questionnaire? (Hint: Use these to talk to your other local officials.)

Do you like to walk and talk, or the gift for gab? We have a job for you!

Do you like to walk in these areas of Bastrop County?:  Cedar Creek, City of Bastrop, Elgin, Giddings, Hunter’s Crossing, Riverside, Smithville, and The Colony, or anywhere else you want to go.

Call us!

Call us at 512-535-0989 or email us at

Do you live in HD-17 Bastrop, Lee, Caldwell, Karnes or Gonzales counties? We’re also letting our fingers do the walking, with a phone bank that’s up “in the cloud” – but you gotta come on over and get some training. We’re at 1441 Highway 71, across from The Colony in Cedar Creek (between Bastrop Computers and Twin Liquors). Call ahead or email us!

It’s a little easier to joke about politics, than do to something change it.

We make it real easy for you – so bring your smiling face on over get some political independence!

PS Independent Texans is a political action committee founded in 2001 to support candidates and ballot measures. It should not be confused with the League of Independent Voters (LIV), founded in 2013. LIV is a non-profit membership association and does not engage in elections or endorsements of candidates.


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