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Texas Alliance for Reform=>Targets this Legislative Session

Dear Friends:

We at Independent Texans have joined a new coalition formed for this legislative session called — Texas Alliance for Reform. So far, member organizations of this coalition are: Blackland Coalition,, Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, Independent Texans, Texans Against Tolls, the Piney Woods Alliance (Nacogdoches) and the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association.

We invite and urge you to take action on Texas Independence Day (Monday, March 2) to call or write your Texas State Representative and Texas State Senator, asking for their support of this agenda. (Note: We do not suggest emails, but printed letters mailed or faxed, or a simple phone call):

* A Sunset Bill that provides real reform of TxDOT; * Indexing and dedicating the gas tax so that the funds are used for transportation purposes only; * Reforming public-private partnerships (“P3s”), including the reforms set out by the Environmental Defense Fund (read attachment B at the end of this letter sent to the Obama Transition Team) and preventing high-risk pension fund investment in P3s; * Local control and decision making, so that toll road projects are planned and voted on regionally; * Protecting unique and sensitive environments, such as the Blackland Prairies; * Real eminent domain reform (such as HB 2006 that was passed almost unanimously by the Texas legislature in 2007, but vetoed by Gov. Perry) * Stopping a mandatory National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

We also have many activist leaders in our group who hail from all parts of the state. Membership in the coalition is open to all.

If you are a leader of an organization or business that would like to join our coalition, please reply and let us know.

If you want to do more: Help spread the word about the Texas Independence Call-In Day to your friends, neighbors, and community! We can also provide call-lists of people who you can contact to ask them to be involved.

Please note that Texas TURF will also hold a citizen’s lobby day in Austin on Tuesday, March 3. Feel free to print out the agenda above and take these with you. For details on the TURF event, please go here.

TAR will hold additional activities, including a time to talk to legislators again in your districts and in their Austin offices, a little later in the session.

It’s going to be a lively session! Please forward this message widely. And, of course, we invite your comments.

Yours truly,

Linda Curtis Independent Texans Member of: Texas Alliance for Reform PO Box 14294 Austin, TX 78761 512-535-0989 home office 512-383-8484 Austin office 512-657-2089 cell



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