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Speaking out: David Van Os

David is running for Attorney General (D) and putting his money where his mouth is. He’s gone to 231 counties in the state of Texas and sworn an oath to do the following:

I tried to copy and paste an embedded link to a video of David of one of his appearances at a TXDOT hearing, but somehow, I’m still WordPress illiterate enough to not being able to make that happen. So, hence , I am steering you to my own site for now (not intended as shameless plug really, honestly, cross my heart and…) . Check out the entry on Sunday October 8th.

In the event someone might complain that I/we should endorse Independent candidates only well.. as Linda (Curtis) mentioned last night after the documentary, “I vote across party lines”. As Independent Texans have voted on officially endorsing Strayhorn as the one person who we believe will follow through in canceling and stopping the toll road and Trans Texas Corridor fiasco, we also believe that aside from the Governor’s position, there are many candidates of all political stripes who are sincere and worthy of our vote. I’m sure you can make up your own decision of who they are.




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