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Perry Re-elected?

Predictions have been made that the GOP voters will again outnumber the Democrats and anyone else vying for Perry’s job as Governor. Here is an excerpt of W GARDNER SELBY’s commentary in the Statesman;

Political professionals see GOP Gov. Rick Perry sitting pretty in the aftermath of the spring special session promising cuts in property taxes for higher state taxes. Republican operative Bryan Eppstein, who is not part of Perry’s inner circle, cites voter turnouts and election results since 1988 as indicators that the gubernatorial election is over: Perry wins. History says that GOP voters solidly outnumber Democrats and that more voters align with the parties than with independents. Barring a seismic surge in turnout (which reached a piddling 36 percent four years ago), the Dept. of Conventional Expectations advises Perry to plan his inauguration. Eppstein skipped one stone toward Perry’s challengers: “Don’t spend any of your personal money” on the campaign.

Click on the quote for reading the full commentary.

It sounds like the same old story … what is your response to that? Do Independents back a potentially winnable candidate or do we focus on getting people to vote who normally wouldn’t? How can we as Independents make a difference for real, not just as an intellectual exercise.


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