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Hands Across the Corridor

Area residents and citizens across the state are gathering at their county courthouses on Saturday, September 30th, carrying a cup of rich Texas topsoil and a message for Gov. Rick Perry. “A cupful of my land is all this Governor can expect to take from me without a fight,” say organizers of this statewide event called “Hands Across the Corridor”. Carole Keeton “Grandma” Strayhorn, candidate for Governor, will kick off the event in Gonzales, Texas at 10 a.m. outside the museum of the “Come and Take It Cannon”. Mrs. Strayhorn is endorsed by the event sponsors Independent Texans, Blackland Coalition, San Antonio Toll Party and Citizens for A Better Waller County. For over two years a citizen’s rebellion has been brewing, but in separate and distinct communities — rural and urban — and against two related, but separate transportation plans promoted by Gov. Rick Perry. Linda Curtis, founder of Independent Texans, said, “This is an opportunity for people from rural, suburban and urban communities to unite our movements against the Corridor and the double-tax urban freeway toll schemes of Rick Perry. Then we’ll have the numbers to defeat him in November.”  

Terri Hall of the suburban and urban based citizens’ group, the San Antonio Toll Party (like the Boston Tea Party), said, “We call the Governor’s urban toll plan what it is, a double-tax plan. Our statewide movement has already rerouted four candidates in the primary last March. Many candidates and office holders have already begun to run for cover, while both political parties passed planks against the Corridor and tolls at their conventions this summer.”  

Agnes Voges, board member of the Blackland Coalition based in the richest farmland area in central Texas said, “We intend to make this the number one reason why Rick Perry is voted out of office. You’ll note that his ranch is not affected by the TTC, but you can’t say that about the farmers and ranchers who have been struggling to make ends meet for the longest time, and who now have to worry about their land being taken for something they didn’t even have the right to vote on.”  

More information will be released next week about this event, which counties will be participating.  If you are interested in participating and holding this event at your own county courthouse, please email or call Linda, see her info below. Ingrid #  

For more information please call: Linda Curtis Independent Texans PO Box 14294 Austin, TX 78761 512-535-0989 Austin 512-657-2089 cell


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