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Endorsement and fusion

Many candidates, of various affiliations, are starting to contact Independent Texans to ask for our endorsement. We are both flattered and excited that the idea of “fusion” might take hold this year in Texas. What is fusion? It is the movement, outside the parties, to bring together independents, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and none-of-the-above voters to support candidates, of any persuasion, who will support the independent’s call for political reform.In this Texas election, many candidates are willing to, at least state, their support for our political reform package we call, “Fair Elections for Every Texan”, leading with Texans’ right to statewide initiative and referendum. A non-partisan citizens redistricting process and fair ballot access for independents is also part of the FEET package. But no one, except Carole Keeton Strayhorn, has made I&R, the citizen’s most powerful political reform tool, a key part of their campaign. Besides that, we believe that the Grandma is the best (and only) positioned candidate to defeat Rick Perry. (Neither Bell nor Kinky have the money for the huge media market in Texas. And, we predict the Grandma will win the Oct. 6 debate.)

We take great delight in the fact that, Carole, a longtime major party office holder (in both parties during her 30 year career), is now taking on the two-party establishment as an independent who will, as she says, “die an independent, but not anytime soon!”.

This is why Independent Texans is focusing our limited resources this year on the Strayhorn effort, with a few exceptions. Those few are the people running for office — on any party line — who are supporting Strayhorn at the top of the ticket. These brave individuals (see our endorsement section for details), are telling their party leaders that they’re first priority is to help Carole help us, the independent anti-corruption movement in Texas, take hold — finally! We hope to see many more candidates coming to this conclusion. This will not simply help Carole win an election, it will help create a totally new political environment in the 2007 legislative session. We — office holders and voters of all persuasions — will have a shot at ending the caveman politics we’ve seen in Texas since Perry took office. Will everything be hunky dory? Likely not. But, we will have a new, more open environment to get some things done and to build upon, to clean up and open up our political process!

We at Independent Texans refuse to take the snake oil offered up by Rick Perry — and some on the Democratic side too — who are saying, “just elect me and everything will be better”. Grandma’s medicine to cure our partisan ills, is our best and only real hope. We all need to get behind her, beside her and in front of her to make this happen — she can’t do it alone!

Wanna help — contact me at Our traveling side show may be already planning to come to your area, or you can help us plan a trip. Hope to hear from ya and keep checking in on our Events Calendar.



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