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Due Friday! Give Texas a BIG Christmas Present!

Please give Texas a BIG Christmas present this year — due this Friday!  That would be a comment on the plan by the USDA for an animal ID regulation that hurts small. local farming, when we all know the real offenders are large-scale corporate farms.  This is the last thing we need need in the midst of this historic drought!

Go here for the details sent from FARFA (Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance) on how to submit your comments.  Please do this NOW!

Question: (after you read this, please comment below or you can send a private email with your answer to Linda Curtis here)  We have been asked by property rights advocates, landowners and environmentalists alike, to help fight the TransCanada pipeline planned for NE Texas.  We are deeply concerned about the potential for a spill that could contaminate the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer.  The Governor of Nebraska, a Republican, stood up to TransCanada’s plan to traverse the great Ogallala Aquifer.  Meanwhile, our Governor, nor his people, have expressed any interest in standing up to TransCanada for Texas.

What do you think?  Should we help NE Texans fight the TransCanada pipeline?  Why or why not?  Submit your comments below — AFTER you send your comments to the USDA on animal ID.

We are still seeking candidates to run on any party line or as independent (non-affiliated).  The filing deadline is December 15. Please pass share this message.  Thank you!

Wanted - Citizens to fight the Water Robber Barons!



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