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Campaign 2006, Washington Post analysis

The Washington Post’s analysis of the Texas Governor’s race comes to this conclusion:

…Friedman has garnered state and nation-wide attention for his candidacy and Perry has the advantage of the incumbency in raising publicity, but Strayhorn, and especially Bell, have suffered from lack of name recognition. However, Strayhorn is the only other candidate besides Gov. Perry to raise over a million dollars in campaign contributions, which is a key factor in a huge state like Texas. Perry should be reelected easily enough in November, but with such a host of unique alternatives Election Day should be interesting nonetheless.

(emphasis added by yours truly) Click HERE for the full story, including info on all the candidates, Texas demographic data and previous election results in Texas.

So how can we prevent another win for Perry? Do you think it’s still worthwhile spending millions and millions of dollars knowing full well the chances are slim for winning? What could provide the tipping point? How to get more votes and how many more votes than Perry would Strayhorn need? Is this a matter of getting people registered to vote who normally wouldn’t? What?




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