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Breaking News, Report & Action Request

News! The Texas Water Development Board has been sued due to their failure to resolve another water conflict in NE Texas. More soon on this breaking news!

Thanks to the 100+ folks who attended the meeting last Saturday in Bastrop. Read this great report in the Bastrop Advertiser. And watch this YNN report.

Take Action!

* NOW is the time to contact your state legislators – find them here. What to tell them:

You want Texas groundwater protected from the private profiteers who are taking advantage of loopholes in the Texas Water Code created by our elected officials! It's your legislator's job to find a solution. Don't take no for an answer. If they say they need to deal with the budget, tell them you know. Tell them you also know the state is wasting money and bonding authority on a 100-mile pipeline (now called "The State Pipeline") to help private profiteers grab someone else's groundwater. Potentially killing local agriculture and economic development will kill jobs. (Note: Rep. Kleinschmidt has and others will claim that the legislature doesn't have time to deal with it, yet has introduced all kinds of other unrelated bills.) Make sure you contact your State Senator too. If you need help, call us, but do the next step first.

* Our new Texas Water Statement of Facts, Fiction, Principals and Action is online here. Read it and use it in your contact with legislators. Get your friends and family to sign on. Below my signature is a copy you can print out and take to your neighbors. Then mail it to us.

* A March 19th STATEWIDE full day conference on water — geared towards citizens taking action — will be held in Bastrop. Mark your calendars and send a note here to reserve a seat. Include your name, phone number and city. We also need volunteers to help, including with outreach throughout the state.

* We need funds to put on this event. Send a check to Independent Texans (address below) or give online here. Contributions are not tax-deductible. If you want to give a tax-deductible contribution to the conference, please give to Environmental Stewardship here click on the support & donations button and specify it's for the March 19th conference.

* Please join the local food advocacy group the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance for as little as $10. Judith McGeary, FARFA director, along with small farmers and ranchers will play an important role in our efforts to protect groundwater.

We are back to holding regular conference calls. Our next one is Sunday night at 7 pm. If you'd like to join the call, please call the office number below or reply to this message with your name and phone.

The Texas water war is now clearly tied to our state's independence from those who seek to profit, no matter what the results may be on the rest of us. Let's work together y'all or may we forever hold our peace!

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