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Boot Em’ Out, those Not Good Ol’ Boys of Bastrop!

Give the ‘good ol boys’ the boot!

Is it not time for the voters of the city of Bastrop to dust off their boots and give the NOT ‘good ol’ boys’ who’ve been cashing in on us — the boot?!

What’s at stake is an entire region with water marketers salivating over the water underlying Bastrop and our neighboring counties — Burleson, Milam and Lee.

Three seats are up — Mayor and City Council Places 3 and 4. Voters can vote in all three.

Early voting is Monday, April 24 through Tuesday, May 2. Election Day is Saturday, May 6. There is only one poll open on Election day, so voting early is recommended. Polls here.

This postcard — Bastrop is no one’s monopoly board — has been mailed to city voters who should receive them tomorrow, the first day of early voting.

You can share it and more from the webpage here dedicated to this election.

Here is our opinion-editorial in Saturday’s Bastrop Advertiser — lots of lively comments for you to read.

Whether you can vote in the city of Bastrop or not we ask for your help by:

  1. Sharing this message with city of Bastrop voters,

  2. Volunteering to get our postcards to more doors, and/or

  3. Donating to help us pay for the mailing and some inexpensive ads on Facebook ads.

These boots were made for walking and booting, y’all!


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